Hotaka Inu
More than an experiment.
The end of the Bear.

The crypto market has been experiencing a winter of sorts over the past year. The once-bullish market has become bearish. Despite the near-term uncertainty, there will be a new beginning. The team behind $HOTA, is endeavoring to change the bearish sentiment by building a community that is founded on integrity, loyalty, and openness.

$HOTA receives its name from the HOTAKA INU dog, native to Japan. The HOTAKA is known for its intelligence, loyalty, and skill, qualities that the team behind $HOTA believe should be at the forefront of the cryptocurrency community.

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The Symbolism of HOTAKA

The HOTAKA is a breed of dog that originates from Japan’s mountainous region of HOTA, near Mount Fuji. Locals appreciated the breed for its stamina and strong prey drive. They used these dogs for hunting all types of game — from pheasants to bears.

The HOTAKA is both active and eager to please. Though reserved around strangers, the breed prefers to be a member of a pack. It is famously devoted to its people — forming strong attachments and working as a steadfast guardian. They are known for their intelligence and athleticism, as well as their loyalty and strong sense of family. These characteristics are reflected in the values of the $HOTA community.

The team behind $HOTA believes that the integrity, loyalty, and strength of the
HOTAKA should be at the forefront of the crypto. We aim to build a community that uplifts others and promotes positive values.

Just as the HOTAKA  can go toe to toe with bears, $HOTA will bring down this bear market in extraordinary fashion.




💰 Value: 800,000 HOTA ($18)
👥Referral: 500,000 HOTA ($10)/ invite
📋 Contract:
📅 End Date: 27th January, 2023
🏦 Distribution Date: Within one week




1️⃣Ownership renounced & BEP 20 standard token(0% tax)⛑

2️⃣Doxxed team & KYCed 🦺

3️⃣ LP LOCKED & Audited 🔒


5️⃣Marketing at scale you've ever seen🔥


How to Buy

Hotaka Inu currently runs on $Pancakeswap, on the Binance Smartchain network, meaning it can only be bought through PANCAKESWAP!

Simply connect your wallet to the website using the link below, and paste the contract address and buy as you would normally on PANCAKESWAP!

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